What are the best audio interfaces for streaming?

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    An audio interface combines a soundcard with audio circuitry and input/output (I/O) connections. It allows you to connect audio gear such as microphones, speakers, and audio-output devices such as headphones.

    The audio interface sends audio signals out from your computer to the audio equipment and receives audio signals from audio gear into your computer. Audio interfaces range from basic, inexpensive models to high-end audio interfaces that provide the highest audio fidelity. In this guide we will show you What are the best audio interfaces for streaming?

    Do I need an audio interface for streaming?

    Audio interfaces are the audio equivalent of an audio mixer. It allows you to record audio on your computer, then routes that audio to audio-output devices like headphones and audio-input devices like microphones.

    Audio interfaces are the equivalent of an audio mixer because the audio interface can combine multiple audio signals to audio-output sources or audio-input sources. An interface can separate audio signals to audio-input and audio-output devices.

    How do audio interfaces work?

    Audio interfaces have audio circuitry and audio connectors; an interface can separate audio signals to audio-input and audio-output devices.

    Where should I place an audio interface for streaming?

    The Audio interface should be placed between audio-output and audio-input devices because it will combine the audio signals from audio-output and audio-input devices.

    Best Audio Interfaces For Live Streaming

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

    The Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface is a 15×15 audio interface that provides two natural-sounding Scarlett mic preamps, super-low latency for recording and monitoring with software effects, 2 Hi-Z instrument inputs, and MIDI I/O. Housed in an attractive anodized aluminum unibody chassis, the interface not only sounds fantastic but looks great too.

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface for Recording, Songwriting, Streaming and Podcasting — High-Fidelity, Studio Quality Recording, and All the Software You Need to Record
    • Pro performance with great pre-amps – Achieve a brighter recording thanks to the high performing mic pre-amps of the Scarlett 3rd Gen. A switchable Air mode will add extra clarity to your acoustic instruments when recording with your 2i2 3rd Gen.
    • Get the perfect guitar and vocal take with – With two high-headroom instrument inputs to plug in your guitar or bass so that they shine through. Capture your voice and instruments without any unwanted clipping or distortion thanks to our Gain Halos.
    • Low-noise for crystal clear listening – 2 low-noise balanced outputs provide clean audio playback with 3rd Gen. Hear all the nuances of your tracks or music from Spotify, Apple & Amazon Music. Plug-in headphones for private listening in high-fidelity.
    • Studio quality recording for your music & podcasts – Achieve pro sounding recordings with Scarlett 3rd Gen’s high-performance converters enabling you to record and mix at up to 24-bit/192kHz. Your recordings will retain all of their sonic qualities.
    • Easy Start – It’s easier than ever to get up and running with your Scarlett 3rd Gen with our online tool, Easy Start. Whether you’re looking to record or playback audio, we will help you get started.

    Audient iD4

    The iD4 is a revolutionary new audio interface that combines the power of a class-leading microphone preamplifier and instrument preamp with the agility of a DSP mixer, giving you unprecedented control over your live performances. The iD4’s integrated high-performance mic preamp and instrument input deliver transparent sound quality without compromising on flexibility.

    With its ultra-low latency DSP mixer, the iD4 gives you studio monitor accuracy while allowing you to mix your performance using effects such as EQ, compression.

    Audient Audio Interface iD4 MKII, Class A Console Microphone Preamp (High Speed USB-C, Monitor Mix and Monitor Panning Function, 2 Headphone Outputs, Mac/PC/iOS Compatible), Black
    • The new successor: Due to the great success of the Audient iD4, the audio experts had the project to bring the successor iD4 MKII to the next outstanding sonic level.
    • Harmonious overall package: Thanks to new transducer technology and Class-A microphone preamplifier from Audient’s high-end ASP8024 HE console, home recording is taken to the next level.
    • New connector: The new Audient iD4 MKII now has a high-speed USB-C connector, so handling is easier and power supply is improved! Now there’s no more need for lots of different cables!
    • Long life: The all-metal desktop housing provides stability and durability on the move. Now you can easily take your audio interface with you and always have it at hand.
    • Scope of delivery: Audient audio interface iD4 MKII – Class A console microphone preamplifier – Mac/PC/iOS compatible – USB C cable (1m) – Dimensions: 133x120x40.7 mm – Weight: 740 g – Colour: Black

    Universal Audio Apollo Twin X

    The Apollo Twin X is an all-in-one, 2 x 6 Thunderbolt audio interface with the power of two high-performance UA analog preamps and pristine A/D converters. The Apollo Twin X can run UAD Powered Plug-Ins via VST, AU, and AAX 64 formats in all major DAWs, including Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live.

    Universal Audio Apollo Twin X DUO Heritage Edition
    • A special edition of UA’s acclaimed Apollo Twin X interface — with a premium suite of 5 award-winning plug-in titles from Teletronix, Pultec, and UA — a $1,300 value
    • Elite-class A/D and D/A conversion derived from Apollo X rackmount interfaces paired with 2 Unison mic preamps deliver stunning models of classic tube and transformer-based mic preamps and guitar amps
    • 2 Unison mic preamps offer stunning models of classic tube and transformer-based mic preamps and guitar amps
    • UAD DUO Core Processing for tracking through vintage compressors, EQs, tape machines, mic preamps, and guitar amp plug-ins with near-zero latency
    • Produce with LUNA Recording System — a fully-integrated recording application made for Apollo (Mac only)


    We hope you found the best audio interface for streaming in our guide! Our recommended products in our article are chosen for review based on hundreds of reviews from real customers. There is a mix of quality and value for the above audio interfaces for your computer for streaming.

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