How do you connect a microphone to an audio interface?

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    We all want to record audio in the best possible quality. Connecting audio interface for USB mic can help you record audio with studio quality. Some audio interfaces can be costly, and it is essential to know what you are buying before buying the audio interface for a USB mic.

    An audio interface for USB mics needs an audio input and passes the audio signal to your recording software. Still, an audio interface comes with audio input, audio output, and audio processing. In this article you will learn if you did not know how do you connect a microphone to an audio interface.

    What is the best audio interface for a USB mic?

     Suppose an audio interface with audio input and output is not enough for you. In that case, an audio interface with audio input, output, and processing might be the audio interface that you need. 

    If you are recording audio in a small room, an audio interface with audio input and output is enough. You will not need an audio interface with audio input, audio output, and audio processing at home. 

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    How do you connect a microphone to an audio interface?

    You can connect a USB microphone to an audio interface to your computer with the audio input. If you are not using an audio interface with audio input, there are USB audio cards that you can buy separately.


    Connecting a USB mic to an interface is not a common practice. An audio interface’s job when you plug in a mic is for your computer to understand the signal. Most USB microphones do the onboard conversion and why the terminal end is finished off with a USB plug.

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