Best Audio Interface For Zoom Meetings

Best Audio Interface for Zoom Meetings Video conferencing has always had its palace in society, but we are seeing this type of software in recent times being used more and more.  This is largely down to the global pandemic in which we currently find ourselves. Still, even aside from that, international companies would be lost […]

The Best iPhone 12 Plug and play audio interfaces

The Best iPhone 12 Plug and play audio interfaces

The Best iPhone 12 Plug and play audio interfaces Did you get an iPhone 12 and want to know which is the Best iPhone 12 Plug and play audio interface? This article will be looking at some of the best accessible plug-and-play audio interfaces for use with the Apple iPhone 12 smartphone. Finding a good […]

moukey- usb- audio -interface -buyers guide

Moukey USB Audio Interface Buyes Guide

We’re an affiliate Every product is independently selected personally by us. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Thank you if you use our links, it’s much appreciated. Moukey USB Audio Interface Buyers Guide Some of the better-known names in the USB audio interface market, such as Focusrite, undoubtedly provide quality products; […]

Behringer’s Entry Level Battle UMC202HD VS. UMC204HD

Behringer’s Entry Level Battle: UMC202HD VS. UMC204HD

UMC202HD VS. UMC204HD If you’ve been researching audio recording gear lately, you’d know that Behringer constantly comes up as one of the top brands.  For example, their U-Phoria UMC 204HD audio interface, one of their most celebrated products, is a strong performer that doesn’t sacrifice quality over price. However, the Behringer stable has more to offer […]

Audio Interface vs Mixer

Audio Interface vs Mixer

So you’d like to have your own home studio? Who wouldn’t! Just imagine – you’d be able to record original music or cover songs, all from the comfort of your bedroom. And the best part – it’s possible to make it all sound good. However, contrary to what some might think, it’s actually not that […]


10 Best Audio Interfaces for Mac Users

In a perfect world you wouldn’t have to worry if the latest and greatest audio interface is designed to work with the computer that you already own – you’ll just have to pony up the money and buy it. What is the best audio interfaces for Mac in 2020? Unfortunately, it’s a world where pandemics […]

The 10 Best Audio Interfaces Under $200

In shopping for the best audio interface, buying the most expensive one you can afford is not necessarily the best option for your application. It’s an art form, balancing which features you can live without and which ones you need to have. There’s a dizzying number of competitively priced and similarly featured audio interfaces, especially […]

What is an Audio Interface?

If you’re interested in audio recording at all, you’ve probably come across the term, audio interface. With the broad array of technology on the market to choose from, it’s perfectly understandable that you may be wondering just what an audio interface is and why you need one. So, let’s start off at the very beginning; […]

Scarlett 2i2 vs 2i4: A Focusrite Showdown

The Scarlett 2i2 has been the industry-best compact portable recording interface for a while now. But recently its maker, Focusrite, has introduced an enhanced version of the 2i2 they’re cleverly calling the 2i4. It features the same XLR-1/4 inch combo inputs as the 2i2, as well as the same pair of outstanding preamps. But it […]